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      IEC News
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      [圖文]Teacher Chen Jun Liang, who comes from Hungkuang university in Taiwan visited our school.
      Click:   Source::International Exchange Center

                 On October 18, in the afternoon, teacher ChenJunLiang, Hungkuang university in Taiwan and cross-Strait relationship bureau executive chairman was presented our school, discussing relevant cooperation with International Exchange Centre and department of English and education.

      This exchange is cross-Strait mainly about Colleges and Universities major characteristic and teaching scientific research of cross-strait, both inquire into the Possibility of the two school’s cooperation. Between the communication, executive chairman Chen Jun Liang has introduced the situation of education in running most of colleges and specific information of Hong Guang technology university in Taiwan.  

      The staffs of the International Exchange Center in our school have had detailed the condition about our school student’s Taiwan exchange of learning in recent years and expressed that we hope to cooperate with the HUNGKUANG University.  

      It is reported that Mr.Chen Junliang preschool education had an discussion about the cooperation in preschool education  major with some leaders and teachers of our school’s Music and the department of education .

      (The photo of Mr.Chen Junliang with the teachers and students of International Exchange Center)

      (The photo of Mr.Chen Junliang and the leaders of our school’s Music and the department of education.)


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